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A Long Acting Penicillin for treatment of the following bacterial infections in beef cattle due to penicillin-susceptible micro-organisms that are susceptible to the serum levels common to this particular dosage form, such as: 1. Bacterial Pneumonia (shipping fever complex) (Streptococcus spp., Corynebacterium pyogenes, Staphylococcus aureus). 2. Upper Respiratory Infections such as Rhinitis or Pharyngitis (Corynebacterium pyogenes). 3. Blackleg (Clostridium chauvoei). Each mL contains 150,000 units penicillin G benzathine and 150,000 units penicillin G procaine.

Beef Cattle: 2 mL per 150 lb body weight given subcutaneously ONLY (2,000 units penicillin G procaine and 2,000 units penicillin G benzathine per lb body weight). Treatment should be repeated in 48 hours.


100 mL F6-19-1$11.49
250 mL F6-19-2$24.49
500 mL F6-19-3$39.50

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