Click to enlargeBlue Ribbon Calf Electrolyte Pack


Specifically designed for calves as a supplemental source of electrolytes and nutrients.

Mix 4 oz. of BLUE RIBBON electrolytes with each 2 qts of warm water. Feed BLUE RIBBON electrolytes 2-4 hours after milk/milk replacer feeding. BLUE RIBBON electrolytes should not be added to milk/milk replacer. Discard any solution not consumed in 12 hours.


4 oz. packet (12ct) @ $1.49 per packet F5-B1-A10-1$17.88
5 lb. pail F5-B1-A10-2$21.97
25 lb. pail F5-B1-A10-3$93.86
100 lb. drum F5-B1-A10-4$285.20

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